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Monday, March 4, 2013

No proposal to constitute the 7th Pay Commission is under consideration of the government

Not considering proposal to set up 7th Pay Commission: Govt
NEW DELHI: Admitting that there have been demands for setting up of 7th Pay Commission, government said that no such proposal is under consideration for such exercise, which would have been resulted in upward revision of centre's over 85 lakh employees' and pensioners' pay scales. 

"The recommendations of the previous .. 6th Central Pay Commission were given effect to from January 1, 2006. Therefore, at present no proposal to constitute the 7th Pay Commission is under consideration of the government," Minister of State for Finance Namo Narain Meena told Lok Sahba on Friday in a written reply. 

Meena further said, "There have been some demands received for setting up of the 7th Central Pay Commission. In the past, there has generally been a gap of a minimum 10 years between two successive Pay Commissions. 

According the information available, the central government employees had also gone for a day long token strike for their various demands including setting up of 7th Pay Commission in December last year. 

At present the number of central government employees and pensioners are about 50 lakh and 35 lakh respectively.

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  1. I feel govt and employees waste lot of resources before and after pay commission in settling disputed cases and anomalies . The can well be sorted out by merging increase of 50% DA to basic in addition to Yearly increment be given in pay scale. subsequently DA be increase with well set norms
    No Confusion shall be there and lot of resources saved.


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