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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Rank One Pension: Latest updates from Chairman, IESM & Defence Minister Meetings

The Chairman, IESM had a meeting with the Defence Minister on 12th Nov, 2012. One Rank One Pension, Rank Pay matter, Family Pension Enhancement, Family Pension for widows etc. was discussed in meeting.  The following minutes/outcome of meeting were also handed over to the Defence Minister in the form of a written note:

1. OROP Vs Sanction of Rs 2300 Cr for Pension Enhancement: While stressing the fact that OROP has still not been given as such, and that for officers it is merely a correction of an anomaly.  Chairman, IESM thanked him for his support in getting the pension enhancement for which the government has sanctioned the amount. Notably, this is the second pension enhancement during the tenure of the present Defence Minister. He confirmed that he has already cleared the file and the case is in progress with the DOPT and efforts are being made to clear it soon.  

2. Rank Pay: The Minister confirmed that the case is being pushed through to release the arrears at the earliest.

3. Family Pension Enhancement: IESM had been pushing this case for long and they expressed gratitude for his intervention in seeing it through. The Defence Minister remarked that he has told all in the Ministry that the credit for this goes entirely to me for my dogged pursuit of the issue. (It may be known that IESM had taken some widows to his office that made personal appeals; later in a social gathering last month he light-heartedly commented that Chairman, IESM had brought families to his office and ‘gheraoed’ him). Thanking to Defence Minister the Chairman pointed out that he may be the visible face but it is the IESM that deserves credit for spearheading the case of family pension.  

4. Family Pension for Widows of Sepoys: While on family pension the Chairman pointed out that as learnt the families of all widows of Naiks to Maj Gen were going to get enhancement. However, the widows of Sepoys are being denied the same. He mentioned his apprehension that since no one is retiring as a Sepoy after 1.1.2006, the Cabinet Secretary’s Committee may not have realised the omission. Defence Minister promised to have the issue looked into.

5. Time Limit for implementation of One Rank One Pension: The minister has been often saying that they cannot sanction OROP in one go but they will keep bridging the gap between old and new pensioners gradually. Chairmen, IESM asked him if there was any timeline when the final plank on this bridge would be put. There was no firm reply. 

6. Court Cases: Chairman, IESM underscored the point that many veterans have been compelled to seek and obtain redress through the courts. A strong feeling therefore is gaining ground where the veterans are having more faith in the courts vis-à-vis the govt, which is not a happy development. While acknowledging the point Defence Minister also said happily the number of court cases is coming down

7. ECHS: In view of the inordinate delay in clearance of bills some good hospitals are shying away from getting empanelled. There are reports of some hospitals inflating the bills. The MoD, therefore, rightly insists on scrutinizing the bills before clearing payment. On the other hand the hospitals complain that the Ministry is using this as a pretext to delay payment, including in some cases demanding a ‘cut’. In all this the veteran suffers. While some inflation of bills must inevitably be happening, its extent could not exceed 15-20% at a maximum. To ensure that the scheme does not suffer from default, it is suggested that 50% of the billed amount must be cleared immediately under the powers of the MD ECHS. Any over-billing then can be adjusted in the remaining 50% of the claimed amount. The minister agreed to have the proposal examined on file.

8. Veterans’ Course of Action: Chairman, IESM emphasized that in view of OROP not having been sanctioned, they will continue with their struggle.  


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  1. As per order or instruction from Government of India, Ministry of Defence on accepting the long pending demand of one rank one pension on 24 September 2012 please intimate regarding new pension table and pension of Honorary Naib Subedar who have served in Army as Infantry soldier for 24 years in Group 'Y' and retired on or after 01 January 2006 (A/N) with an Exemplary character. With Best Regards, Honorary Naib Vijai Kumar

    Respected Sir,
    I have been observed some points, while considering defence personal’s pensions mostly virus created in the system of defence pension policy by the Committee of Defence secretary. At present equal length of service for the rank of Sepoy’s is getting more pension than the rank of Naik’s and rank of Naik is getting more pension than the rank of Havildar . It is clearly reflected in the All Tables appended in the PCDA (P) Allahabad Circular No 430 Dated 10/03/2010. Circular no 350 dated 19/05/2006 and 482 dated 19/04/2012.
    One rank one pension means two military persons (Army Navy and Air Force) who retired after equal service in the rank get equal pension. As per the present system, personnel retiring under the 6th pay commission getting more pension than they who have retired under previous pay commissions. Gap between Pre-2006 and Post-2006 pensioners due to Military Service Pension (MSP) @ Rs 2000/-pm up to the rank of Subdar Major and Rs 6000/-pm up to the rank of Brigadiers is given to the serving personals and at present these amounts are calculated @ Rs 3444/- and Rs 10320/- respectively. 50 % of the same amount is i.e. 1722/- and 5160/- pm reflected in the PPOs of post-2006 retiring pensioners. The same amount is actual due in the pension of for Pre-2006 retired pensioners plus group equitation i.e. A, I = X and B, C, D, E, F, G, H =Y group and rank equitation Army = Air Force and Navy. Plus one time fitment to reduce the gap among the pre-2006 retired pensioners to line up the rank with their actual qualified service themselves. I suggest this type of method to reduce the gap between Post-2006 and Pre-2006 pensioners.
    There no single line has been written regarding enhanced rate of family pension, in the PCDA (P) Allahabad circular No 350, 397, 403 and 430.
    Invalid disabled pensioner are getting rounded off 50%, 75% and 100% disability element of pension as compared those who are qualified their pensionable service they are getting less disability pension for 20% or up to 50 %. Uniformly disability pension is not being given to the armed forces personnel’s.
    The Cabinet Secretary’s Committee not given informal waitage to bridge the gap among the Pre-2006 and Post-2006 retires pensioner. No of 10 years waitege given to the rank of Sepoy, 8 years waitage to the rank of Naiks and 6 years waitege to the rank of Havildar in the PCDA(P) Allahabad circular No 350 dated 19/05/2006 and PCDA(P) Allahabad circular No 430 Dated 10/03/2010. At present actual equal qualified service in the rank of Sepoy,Naik and Havildar, Havildar is getting less pension than the Rank of Naik and Naik getting less pension than the rank of Sepoy. This is due Cabinet Secretary’s Committee not adopted uniformly methodology procedure while consolidating pension. The amounts of pension are clearly indicated in the all tables of CDA circular No 350 dated 19/05/2006, Annexure-III appended to MOD letter dated 11/11/2008 and CDA circular No 430 dated 10/03/2010.
    Suggestion given by the Ex. HAV B.G. PATIL.

  3. Whether Orders on OROP have been issued or not as time is up to notify......

  4. Sir,
    I served in IAF for 20 years and 06 days and worked in the rank of JWO for 3 months & 06 days after promotion. I am getting the pension of Sergeant (X). As per Circular No. 503, I shall be paid less pension than that is paid to a Havildar who also served for only 20 years, got promoted to rank of Honourary Naib Subedar after retirement, never bothered to pass examinations for promotion to Nb Sub. and did not bear the burden of added responsibilities for even a single day.
    How do you justify this? Regards,
    JWO RS Sahni

  5. Hello sir,
    my father is an ex servicemen since Jul 2003 with "honey Capt" rank but he getting his normal pension.... not as same rank same pension....
    Will u pls be advice us what to do for that..........and what scale he deserved......?

    pls reply to my E-mail I'd.....

  6. As per announcement made that every individual will benefit from enhancement of pension to ex servicemen under OROP, the final picture has immerged that all the JCO's have been cheated out and no increase or enhancement as you call it, was applied to them and therefore , JCO's do not belong to the categories of ONE RANK ONE PENSION. Can any one including Chairman AESMA will explain us why this indifference with JCO's has been accepted?


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