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Monday, October 8, 2012

Risk Allowance, Hospital Patient Care Allowance and Patient Care Allowance: Letter from NFIR

NFIR National Federation of Indian Railwaymen 
Affiliated to lndian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) 
International Transport Workers: Federation (ITF) 

The General Secretaries of the
Affiliated Unions of NFIR.

The Union Cabinet approved revision of rates of Risk Allowance, Hospital Patient Care Allowance and Patient Care Allowance at the double of the existing rate with effect from September 1, 2008. The amount of revised Risk Allowance Hospital Patient Care Allowance and Patient Care Allowance would be automatically raised by 25% as the DA. crossed 50% of pay as on 1.1.2011.

This will be benefit to the following categories of staff-
(i) Radiographer
(ii) Pharmacists (except exclusive Store Pharmacists and not involved in dispensing of medicines).
(iii) Laboratory Staff
(iv) Medical Technicians required to come in direct physical contact with patients (ECG, EEG, Cardiac Pump, Dialysis etc.)
(v) Ambulance Drivers,
(yi) Dressers.
(vii) Operation Theatre Assistants,
(viii) Attendants/Ayahs.
(ix) Ambulance cleaners
(x) Stretcher bearers
(xi) Safaiwalas.

In this connection refer the issue raised in the National Anomaly Committee meeting by NFIR on 17 th July 2012 and  minutes thereon, wherein it was agreed for the revision a the above allowances. (Item No.14 of the NAC Minutes dated 17,7,2012 — Para 8,6).

Yours fraternally,
General Secretary

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