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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Restructuring of Trackmen Cadre of Indian Railway

Restructuring/Reorganization of Staffing Pattern of Trackmen on Indian Railways in the Ratio of
3: 6: 20: 71 for the Grade Pay 2,800: 2,400: 1,900: 1,800 respectively.
The related order by Railway Board is reproduced here:

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)
RBE No.91/2012
New Delhi, dated 17.08.2012
The GMs/CAOs(R)
All Indian Railways and Production Units
(As per mailing list)

Subject : Restructuring/Reorganisation of Staffing pattern of Trackmen on Indian Railways.

The issue of career progression and working conditions of Trackmen on Railways has regularly been raised at various fora from time to time in the past through both the recognized Federations, Accordingly, a Joint Committee comprising of representations of both the recognized Federations and Senior Administrative Grade Officers (SAG) of Railway Board was constituted to consider career progression of Trackmen along with review of their existing channel of promotion etc. Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have considered the report of the Committee and decided that the existing categories of Trackmen/Gatemen/Trolley men/Watchmen/Keymen in PB-I, Grade Pay Rs.1800 and Mates(P.Way) in PB-1, Grade Pay Rs.1900 in the Permanent Way side of Civil Engineering Deptt.of Indian Railways will henceforth, be operated as a unified cadre of Track Maintainer as per the following pattern:

(i) The categories of Trackmen/Trolley men/Gatemen/Watchmen/Key men in Civil Engineering Department (P.Way) in PB-1, Grade Pay Rs.1800 be clubbed and given the designation of Track Maintainer Grade-IV (PB-1, Grade Pay Rs.1800);
(ii) The Mates(P.Way) in PB-1, Grade Pay Rs.1900 may be re-designated as Track Maintainer Grade III (PB-1, Grade pay Rs.1900). This would be the next level of promotion for Track Maintainer Grade-IV
(iii) Posts in PB-1, Grade Pay Rs.2400 of unified cadre of Track Maintainer to be filled from eligible staff from the next lower Grade Pay of Track Maintainer category based on seniority cum suitability and may be designated as Track Maintainer Grade II
(iv) Posts in PB-1, Grade Pay Rs.2800 of unified cadre of Track Maintainer to be filled from eligible staff from the next lower Grade Pay of Track Maintainer category based on selection and may be designated as Track Maintainer Grade-I.
Accordingly, revised structure of unified cadre of Track Maintainer would be as under:

S.No. Designation Pay Structure % age distribution of posts
1. Track Maintainer-I PB-1 GP Rs.2800 3
2. Track Maintainer-II PB-1 GP Rs.2400 6
3. Track Maintainer-III PB-1 GP Rs.1900 20
4. Track Maintainer-IV PB-1 GP Rs.1800 71

2. Detailed instructions regarding norms / procedure for future recruitment and promotion in the unified cadre of Track Maintainers will be issued by Establishment Directorate separately.

3. Detailed duties/responsibilities attached to each post in the revised pattern and corresponding changes in Permanent Way Manual / Safety Manuals, training manual etc. will be notified separately by Civil Engineering Directorate/concerned Directorate of this Ministry.

4. The above revised pattern of unified cadre of Track Maintainer will be effective from the date of issue of these orders.

5. This has the sanction of the President & issues in consultation with Establishment Directorate and with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

Hindi version will follow.

(M.K. Panda)
Jt. Director, Pay Commission
Railway Board.
Source : AIRF & NFIR

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